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  • We are one of the biggest employers in Slovakia
  • Cooperation on various projects with international participation
  • Work in the international and dynamic environment
  • Entertainment events are organized for all employees on a regular basis
  • Wide variety of benefits is offered to all employees
  • Respectful approach is taken towards the environment
  • We are aware of the importance of environment protection
  • You can experience working in and young and dynamic team
  • We attend various job fairs
  • Use of advanced technologies
  • Opportunities to develop skills and grow professionally
  • We offer advanced and innovative work
  • Personal development and motivation are provided
  • Employment is also offered to graduates without any experiences
  • We are a valuable member of Foxconn Technology Group
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     Education and development of employees are key factors which contribute to the growth and development of our company. Investments in human resources in form of the support and development of the human potential as well as the skills and knowledge interconnected with the company strategy and interests represent the way through which we can achieve the stated goals.  

     Our employees meet the education system of our company as soon as at the initial trainings which they take on the first day of their employment. These trainings consist of the standard statutory training provided by our internal lecturers. Besides the lecturers they have a position of a safety and fire technician as well as the persons responsible for waste management.    

The initial trainings consist of the following trainings:

  • Occupational Safety and Health
  • Fire Prevention
  • Environmental Care
  • Labour Code
  • Internal Rules

   After coming to the work place the on-job training follows (coaching directly at the work place), where the employee learns about the work environment, running processes, operation standards and rules in detail.   

   As soon as the employee becomes an active element of the company, he can meet our internal education system which is set according to the needs and strategy of the company. There is at the disposal a Specialist for Training and Development, who does not only provide consulting but he also ensures the smooth course and organization of all trainings.   

External training

Types of trainings provided to our employees:

  1. Trainings which are necessary to perform a particular position and which are required by special regulations and applicable law of SR. All specific, technical and administrative positions which could not be performed without a valid certificate or licence belong to this category (fork-lifts drivers, electrical engineers, working at heights etc.).
  2. Trainings for selected positions intended to improve and maintain knowledge and professionalism within their working activities (income tax, VAT, metrology....).
  3. Trainings which improve computer (technical) skills of employees (excel, PowerPoint, Autocad....).         
  4. Trainings which improve the employees´ language ability (English language courses), especially communication skills, which are important for an international organization.
  5. Trainings which help to develop soft skills of our employees. Different positions have different requirements for abilities of people and thus also for a combination of soft skills. Ability to lead people, to delegate working duties, to handle situations under pressure, to communicate and present at a professional level as well as the ability to manage their working time and handle the work without stress.



     Education at our company does not mean only participation at trainings. The trainings are customized for exactly particular area where the development of the employee is necessary. Besides receiving of the theoretical knowledge during the training we want the theoretical knowledge to be transformed into real activities in practice which help our employees to progress.   

   The trainings are set also according to the work position, abilities and skills and general potential of a particular employee. The space for personal growth is provided to everybody who looks for and initiates the possibilities of further education actively.


“A man is at the beginning and at the end of prosperity of every organization and company“

”Improvement of self is a base stone of evolution and moral development“