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  • We are one of the biggest employers in Slovakia
  • Cooperation on various projects with international participation
  • Work in the international and dynamic environment
  • Entertainment events are organized for all employees on a regular basis
  • Wide variety of benefits is offered to all employees
  • Respectful approach is taken towards the environment
  • We are aware of the importance of environment protection
  • You can experience working in and young and dynamic team
  • We attend various job fairs
  • Use of advanced technologies
  • Opportunities to develop skills and grow professionally
  • We offer advanced and innovative work
  • Personal development and motivation are provided
  • Employment is also offered to graduates without any experiences
  • We are a valuable member of Foxconn Technology Group
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     You can find the list of positions vacant updated regularly which are offered to get the occupation with our company in the section Vacancies. According to the classification of the position we divide them into the administration and production ones, however, they are cumulated in many cases. You will find basic information regarding the main responsibilities, requirements and other criteria in the description of each position.

Our requirements

* degree of the completed education and field of study are in most cases the essential factors influencing the selection of candidates. A lot of positions (especially electrical engineering and economic ones) require a particular specialisation of the completed study.  It is also necessary to take into the consideration the degree of the completed study regarding the burdensomeness and work responsibilities of the position. That means that the higher degree does not automatically mean a better qualification for the particular job. If the position requires for example the secondary education, first of all we contact such candidates, only then we contact the candidates with a higher education.

* if the position is not also suitable for graduates, we always state the area of the preferred experience and also the approximate number of years of practice which we require.

* language abilities form another essential condition. As we are the international company, the ability to speak English language is often an inevitable condition, especially on higher positions.

* a lot of positions require special professional licenses, certificates and regulations, which we always state in our requirements for applicants.


     If you meet the conditions given for a particular position, we will be glad if you fill in the following form and attach your curriculum vitae in the Slovak/English language.

     The curriculum vitae should contain as most detailed description of your education, work experience, competencies and knowledge as possible. Do not forget to mention which languages you can speak and what are your computer skills like. If you know the exact date when you could join the company, state it in the conclusion of your curriculum vitae. If you are a holder of licences or certificates, you can bring them for a look to the job interview or state them in your curriculum vitae.

Contacting the Applicants

     A recruiter contacts a suitable candidate and subsequently they agree on a date and time of a personal interview together with other details.

     If we have not contacted you as a candidate for the particular position and another position the requirements of which you meet and which is interesting for you, do not hesitate to respond to it. We create a new group of candidates for each position and sending of the curriculum vitae to more selection processes may increase your chances to get employed with us.