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  • We are one of the biggest employers in Slovakia
  • Cooperation on various projects with international participation
  • Work in the international and dynamic environment
  • Entertainment events are organized for all employees on a regular basis
  • Wide variety of benefits is offered to all employees
  • Respectful approach is taken towards the environment
  • We are aware of the importance of environment protection
  • You can experience working in and young and dynamic team
  • We attend various job fairs
  • Use of advanced technologies
  • Opportunities to develop skills and grow professionally
  • We offer advanced and innovative work
  • Personal development and motivation are provided
  • Employment is also offered to graduates without any experiences
  • We are a valuable member of Foxconn Technology Group
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Why to Get Employed at Us

We have asked some of our employees why they work at the company Foxconn Slovakia and how they like the job.

Why do I work for the company Foxconn Slovakia?

 …  I have learnt a lot of things, since there still is a possibility to grow, you should be a bit lucky and, first of all, not to be afraid.  As the system develops permanently, I have a unique opportunity to take part in changes. I can work individually but at the same time I am not alone for working challenges and solutions.  

Jozef Váry, Environmental Engineer

... They say: no pain, no gain. However, to find a job which you like and which satisfies you, not forgetting the fact of reasonable financial remuneration, is very hard today.  The work at Foxconn is a pleasant mix of everything for me. I can use my abilities and knowledge, which is strengthened also by work in a good and dynamic team with high-quality human relations, and this is definitely very important. The background and stability which this company offers to me, as well as motivation as a drive force which makes me to learn something new permanently and not to stagnate, are also very important. This way not only my professionalism but also my personality grows. I believe that many future colleagues will find the work at the company Foxconn attractive and they will find in it what I have found there.

Silvia Pripková, Leader of Electrical Sourcing


… Because this company offers me enough possibilities for self-actualisation and education, individual mode of working tempo and enough trust from the superiors to do it. I am surrounded by the team of young people which help me to deal with day-to-day tasks easier. And I have possibilities of career growth open here.  

Dáša Borovská, Expatriate Support

… Foxconn Slovakia is my first job and despite the fact that I do not have anything to compare with I can say that I have met a lot of interesting people in this company. I have improved my communication and thanks to different trainings I have extended my knowledge and skills. Despite many times very hard work I have “grown” a higher degree of dealing with stressful situations. At any case, everything which I have learnt new here I can use not only at work but also in my private life.

Jana Pereslenyiová, JIT Buyer