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Engineering Division

The Engineering Division is an important player in the process of LCD televisions production. Approximately 110 employees work in the whole division divided into the level of an engineer and a technician.

Engineering has 3 separate departments:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering


Electrical Model Leaders

    They are responsible for no problematic introducing of new models of LCD TVs into the production. From the technical point of view they provide all electronic parts or their accurate (on-time) timing, testing as well as preparation for production. They communicate with the Electric Design and with other departments of the plant. Last but not least the Electric Models Leaders solve the technical problems from the Production and they take part in the activities which lead to decreasing of the production costs.

Mechanical Engineering

     They are responsible for mechanical parts (plastic, metal, etc.) when launching the production of a new model of LCD TVs.  They communicate with the Design and the particular suppliers and they ensure that the parts are prepared for the production in time from the technical point of view. Similarly to the Electric Parts Leaders they solve the technical problems from the Production and they take part in the activities which lead to decreasing of the production costs.

SW Engineers

     They take care about the software solutions in LCD TVs in new models as well as about the software applications used directly in the production (readers, JIGs etc.).

Parts Engineers

     Their task is to cooperate in the testing of defective parts as well as in the communication with the suppliers and the Design.

Manufacturing Engineering  

     They are responsible for the preparation of new models production. They design and make the production devices and they prepare the budget for their purchase. They closely cooperate with the Design during the time of the trial operation, where they propose the changes to improve the productivity as soon as in the stage when the production design has not been finished yet.   

Production Support

     The members of this team solve the problems directly at the production lines and, when necessary, they communicate with other teams and departments.

 Engineering Information Control

     The department prepares technical and production documentation (Bill of material, ECS (originally ECN) - Engineering change notice, PCS (originally PCN) - Production change notice) for the produced models of LCD TVs; that way that it contains correct data. At the same time they deal with the technical documentation and changes in the design. The documents of the department, processed in time and with no mistakes, guarantee that all other processes needed at LDC TVs production will run according to the correct data. The members of this team also provide other departments with special trainings.

Panel Engineering

     They provide introducing of new panels (screens) into the production. They communicate with the Design, suppliers and particular departments. They are responsible for testing of new panels and solve potential technical problems. They provide the production departments with the information on the specification of panels.


What do our colleagues say about their work?

Rasťo Skulský, Engineer:

     “Our work is to introduce new models of LCD TVs into the production from checking of the material list, trial production, tests, measurements, reports up to solving of problems with the new models. We actively cooperate and communicate with the Design and other departments at Foxconn at this activity. We are also responsible for the currently produced models of LCD TVs, we solve the production problems and we implement changes to the production documentation.”

Miriam Pašková, Parts Engineer:

     “Responsibility of my job as the Electrical Parts Engineer is to communicate with the suppliers and thus provide non-defective parts for the production. At our department we try to ensure a fluent course of the production from the aspect of quality of the parts using preventive measures such as input checks of the parts. If the supplier supplies the parts with a qualitative problem, my task is to ensure that they do not get to the production and to manage the financial compensation, changing for non-defective parts or rework.

Soňa Barteková, BOM Technician:

“My task is the preparation of BOMs (lists of parts) for LCD panels produced at us. I also adjust BOMs and production processes using ECS/PCS. Continuously I train the colleagues on the above mentioned documents and the management of the technical documentation and design.”

Mikichika Sakata, Manager:

„Our Panel Engineering Department provides support for LCD panels which are a key part of LCD TVs. Our responsibilities include introducing of new panels, analysis and solving of problems in the production, improving the production process, communication with the Design and the suppliers of panels. The improvement of the quality of panels helps us, i.e., decrease the cost rate of the production by the elimination of the production loss. Therefore our challenge is a smooth process of introducing into the production, improvement of the quality and costs.”