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  • We are one of the biggest employers in Slovakia
  • Cooperation on various projects with international participation
  • Work in the international and dynamic environment
  • Entertainment events are organized for all employees on a regular basis
  • Wide variety of benefits is offered to all employees
  • Respectful approach is taken towards the environment
  • We are aware of the importance of environment protection
  • You can experience working in and young and dynamic team
  • We attend various job fairs
  • Use of advanced technologies
  • Opportunities to develop skills and grow professionally
  • We offer advanced and innovative work
  • Personal development and motivation are provided
  • Employment is also offered to graduates without any experiences
  • We are a valuable member of Foxconn Technology Group
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Occupational Health and Safety Policy

We realize at the company Foxconn that favourable working conditions, safe machines and equipment, ergonomically dimensioned work places and enough information for our employees at all levels form a base of a modern and efficient production. Therefore the top management has adopted the commitment,

Safety above all.

To fulfil this commitment successfully, we have adopted the policy of Occupational Health and Safety policy, which is supported by the following basic pillars:

  • Evaluation of risks – detecting, assessment and elimination of risks is one of the basic tools to prevent the occupational injuries, accidents and diseases. The evaluation of risks is a never-ending process for us.
  • Prevention of occupational injuries and diseases – we strongly emphasise medical examinations and providing of favourable working conditions.
  • Conformity with legal and other requirements – the company undertakes to meet all requirements of the Slovak law regulating the conditions of the Occupational Health and Safety and the standard OHSAS 18001.
  • Published and controlled goals and results – the company sets the goals in the area of the Occupational Health and Safety every year and undertakes to publish the achieved results in the area of the registered and also small occupational injuries, number of lost days etc.
  • Permanent improvement of the Occupational Health and Safety system – we apply the Kaizen system also in the area of the Occupational Health and Safety to the full extent. Permanent improvement is a prerequisite for a successful progress based on the efficient Deming circle.
  • External and internal communication – mutual cooperation at all levels contributes to more flexible problem solving. For example the notification of every small injury and its subsequent examination.
  • Training system – we provide education for all employees from top managers up to the employees on executive positions. The education and increasing of employees´ awareness is focused on the Occupational safety and Health, giving first aid, approach to safety, 5S (management of cleanness and order), healthy life style etc.

Occupational Health and Safety Management System – OHSAS 18001

The company Foxconn Slovakia gained the OHSAS 18001 certificate in 2005.

The positive approach of each individual to the Occupational Health and Safety reflects a high social and cultural level of our company.