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  • Respectful approach is taken towards the environment
  • We are aware of the importance of environment protection
  • You can experience working in and young and dynamic team
  • We attend various job fairs
  • Use of advanced technologies
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  • Employment is also offered to graduates without any experiences
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Production Program

     Division of LCD Production

     The production of LCD televisions in Foxconn Slovakia is divided according to the production technology into the production of final products, assembling of printed circuit boards (provided by production logistics) and the department focused on the production equipment. All these production areas require a high rate of synchronisation, mutual communication and cooperation.

      Our young team consists of experts in the area of electrical engineering, machinery engineering, mechanical engineering, programming and management of people. The results of work of such experts bring new solutions which enable us to deal with new challenges and trends in the area of technology, products and software successfully and to meet the customers´ requests.  

LCD assembly 

     The production process starts at the Department of Printed Circuit Boards Assembling. Machines and devices in this operation assemble the electronic parts to the boards with printed circuits. Main attributes of the current SMT technology (technology of assembling of printed circuit boards) are high performance, speed and accuracy of assembling in hundredths of millimetres. The extent of assembling of SMT is from miniature parts in tenths of millimetres up to “big parts” such as connectors, integrated circuits etc. The SMT production requires very clean environment and keeping the constant climatic conditions. People experienced in electrical engineering, automation and machinery production can prove to be competent here.  

     Soldering of printed circuit boards is fully automated. Particular parts are soldered at once. This process guarantees high productivity, quality of soldering as well as ecological requirements on soldering alloy. The composition of the soldering alloy should be adjusted to such requirements. We are able to examine and assess the quality of soldering and we analyze the parts and assembled printed circuit boards in our laboratory. These key processes are covered by experts in the area of soldering, material technology and electrical engineering, who, besides the analysis, project the design of important preparations for SMT and soldering.

     The produced and tested board goes to the main production line, which produces final products – LCD televisions. Accurate planning and synchronizing with the logistics help to make the production process more efficient. Every product is assembled precisely then and undergoes a multiple quality control also through the automated processes. The experts guarantee the design of the production process, design of specialized preparations for proper and simple assembly of particular parts.

LCD assembly

     Production lines are in a long-term and non-stop operation and therefore they need a permanent maintenance of particular devices. The technicians and engineers responsible for the preventive maintenance and its permanent improvement are a support in this area.   Particular production devices should be programmed, set and maintained in perfect condition in order to minimize the deviations in production.  The changes of a market and technology are transferred to the production sphere and always represent new challenges for production engineers, technicians, programmers. Their experience and knowledge mean a potential to achieve perfect results.

     Foxconn Slovakia cooperates with other subsidiary companies, customers and suppliers at the international level. Language abilities are a matter of course. Our employees have opportunities for self-education and growth in every professional area.    


Material Division

     Material Division takes care about a complex flow of material for particular production departments at Foxconn Slovakia. The main process is in receiving of materials from suppliers to the company stores, its management and subsequent supply up to the final production point. 

 Material warehouse

 The division consists of three departments:

1)      Inbound Logistics Department:

     Receiving of all production materials from different countries of origin (Europe, Asia, America, etc.) belongs to the activities of this department. The material with a longer delivery time, so called lead-time, is mostly concerned and therefore the amount of the stored reserves is higher, taking the efficiency of the logistics in general, and the costs related to it, into consideration.

2)      Matecon Department (JIT – “just in time” operation):

     This department deals with receiving, management and subsequent removal of the material from local suppliers out of the store. Such material is mostly supplied in time cycles (e.g. hourly deliveries) or according to the individual requirements of production departments.  

3)      Kitting Department:

     The activity of this department consists in the preparation and removal of the material from the store for our external partners. It is concerning mostly the foreign partners.

     The total number of employees in all three departments is about 350. Of course, this number changes depending on the production plans. All employees take part in the internal trainings, both obligatory ones and the ones at which they can improve their abilities and personal growth. The employees are divided into three groups as follows:

A)    Production Group (so-called Operative Group) – a group responsible for physical handling with the material in stores as well as in the production.

B)     System Group – a group responsible for stored reserves management in the stock management of the company Foxconn Slovakia.

C)    Process Group – a group responsible for the preparation of the operation procedures and standards for handling the material.


A view of the key employees from the particular groups:

 Erika Kadúcová (Head of the Operative Group):

     I have already been a “Group Leader” at MTD (Material Division Department) for two years. I cover the area of storage and mainly supplying in the production part. I cooperate with seven shift engineers, with a lot of line leaders and with about 300 operators. My job satisfies me especially because I work with people. That may be the most complicated work for some people but I would not be able to live without the contact with people. I like coming to people, I help them, I ask them about their ideas and opinions and then we try with others to improve their work and do it more efficient  in order to do their work better, more comfortable and more efficient. Regarding the experience and knowledge I learn new and new things every day despite the fact that I have been working at the company for fourteen years. I am still open to new stimuli and ideas because that´s what moves a man forward and gives him a possibility to grow as a personality. Different projects, in which we help to increase efficiency of work, decrease the costs for the company and simplify different processes and the procedures mean big experience for me. I communicate with many other departments at it which also teaches me that the cooperation between colleagues is one of the most important elements of a good operation of our company. I work in a great team with wonderful people. We complete each other and we help each other, which contributes to the comfort and good performance at work.    

Zuzana Kovačičová (Head of the System Group):

     The system registration forms are the integral part of the material supply. Already for a few years I have been leading the team which has been responsible for accurate registration of each part also in the electronic form and for the fact that it finds its correct place. Beginning with receiving the material, through its preparation for the production lines up to its consumption, we all work on the registration of each physical movement also in the system as accurately as possible. And that is not an easy task. It is a challenge for me to adjust our possibilities and to align them with the possibilities of the system also now because our processes are developing and improving permanently. It is unbelievable how the system registration can affect the whole course of the production. Even the smallest problem, either a technical or a different one, has a significant impact on it. Despite the fact that I have been working at this company for thirteen years, only at this job I have found myself because it satisfies me and, which is the most important for me, I like it.

Zuzana Besedová (Head of the Process Group):

     The task of the material flow process in the Material Division has always been to unify the process of supplying with the material on all work shifts in the same manner and always to reflect the requirements of the preceding as well as subsequent departments in a flexible way since the beginning of “Matecon”. “The Processers” used to be divided into auditors and process technicians at the beginning. In the course of time and having taken the wider scope of responsibilities they have all got to the level of the process technicians and their responsibility is not only the execution of different inspections, e.g. 5S (working place organization) and keeping the processes, but also solving the various  problems during the production, re-training of the operators, starting and launching of the trials intended to achieve as high efficiency at supplying as possible, as well as the standardisation of both new and running processes. It´s honour for me personally to lead the team of such ingenious people.

      The operation of the Material Division is supported by various technical and system equipment in the form of applications and programs which have permanently been developed and improved in order to provide the maximum efficiency of the whole division.