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  • We are one of the biggest employers in Slovakia
  • Cooperation on various projects with international participation
  • Work in the international and dynamic environment
  • Entertainment events are organized for all employees on a regular basis
  • Wide variety of benefits is offered to all employees
  • Respectful approach is taken towards the environment
  • We are aware of the importance of environment protection
  • You can experience working in and young and dynamic team
  • We attend various job fairs
  • Use of advanced technologies
  • Opportunities to develop skills and grow professionally
  • We offer advanced and innovative work
  • Personal development and motivation are provided
  • Employment is also offered to graduates without any experiences
  • We are a valuable member of Foxconn Technology Group
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      The quality of the production and products and their in-time delivery is above all for the company Foxconn Slovakia. We achieve this priority by improving of the whole production process through a thorough understanding and adjusting to the customer´s needs. Our goal is the quality and ability of the produced products to compete regarding the permanent increase of the efficiency of the production processes. 


 Quality pyramid

The objective of the quality management system is customer´s satisfaction which we want to achieve by:

  • the quality of a product
  • the quality of services
  • permanent improvement of all processes

To achieve the objective, we:

  1. permanently check, monitor, evaluate and keep all processes using available indicators and audits.   
  2. implement such changes into the production process which lead to the elimination of the production defects.
  3. improve permanently the quality of the production in order to minimize the unwelcome circumstances in the form of complaints.
  4. prevent the defect rate and we try to minimize it by relevant measures.
  5. increase the employees´ awareness of quality providing them with relevant trainings.
  6. monitor and find out about customers´ satisfaction through all available methods.

      We are supported by the Manual of Quality with the description of basic points of approach to ensure the quality for different parts of the internal processes at our work, such as:

 Quality Management System:

  • Directing - Management
  • Resources Management
  • Production of Products
  • Measuring, Analysis and Improvement 


     The quality Management System at the company Foxconn Slovakia has been implemented in conformity with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

All processes are regularly checked and verified by the internal and external audits.  


KAIZEN                                            SIX SIGMA                               5S

Kaizen               Six Sigma              5S


LEAN                                                                   PIA - Production inovation activity  

Lean             PIA


     As the final quality of a product essentially depends also on a human factor, the employees are trained regularly, get certificates and join the improvement of the processes.  

     Each employee is obliged to meet the proposed preventive or reparatory activities if they know about the limits which have caused or may cause the non-conformity of the products.


     An employee with the awareness of quality + the quality production                             process = a satisfied customer.